Nobody has the intention to build a wall

Performance, 40min., Apern Seestadt, Vienna

While some are falling for centuries, others are pulled back again: the wall as an architectural construction is part of the history of the city. Its social and political importance is still current. Although the wall has a protective function, it is the expression of power and discrimination and triggers of anxiety and hostility. 

In Aspern Seestadt, one of the largest urban development projects in Europe, VERSUS is dealing with this topic in a performative way by using a wooden cube, which is provided by the festival „in:visible city“.
A cube is a geometric figure defined by eight points. The compounds of the points result into lines and surfaces, which define the exterior and the interior of the body. In Nobody has the intention to build a wall the cube is beeing deconstructed and choped into little pieces unless only a pile of wooden sticks remains, which referes on the deconstruction and the utopia of a city that is not determined by separation and exclusion.