wood, vapor barrier foil, light, 2012

Installation realized with Sophia Hatwagner.
Part of the Singer Songwriterinnen Festival in the Chilenian Culture Center Neruda, Vienna.

The showcase provides context as well as content of the intervention. It is a strange space. It is not autonomous but relational. Equipped with a mediating function, it connects the inside with the outside, and vice versa. Starting from this state, the showcase is designed after economically 
and psychologically oriented concepts.

With elements and materials linked to store-front designs, Sophia Hatwagner and Paran Pour initiate a spatial intervention that deals with the dipslay‘s hybrid state. While concealing the vitrine, certain elements of the architecture are emphasized and transformed. Such as a new stage-like niche is created, which is linked to the framed event and deals with the relationship between acting and viewing, observing and being observed.

Thus the shop window turns into the object of this work, while its architecture, function and history are examined and exhibited.

4.3. - 31.3.2012
Opening: 3.3.2012, 19h, Kulturraum Neruda
Margaretenstrasse 38, 1140 Vienna

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