heidiland I

video installation, plastic, wood, video, mini-DV, 2009

Heidiland I deals with the construction or reconstruction of rooms. Spaces which are originally rooted in a different context but are implemented in a new environment. The installation consists of a sculpture and a video work, which depict the alpine ski center in the Ruhr. The Alpin Center in Bottrop Kirchhellen was opened in September 2001 and is a refrigerated, indoor slope, containing artificially produced snow. When built this was the longest artificial ski slope in the world at 640 meters long and 30 meters wide, bringing year round winter sports, snowboarding and skiing to the Ruhr.
The work attempts to re-stage the Alpine Center in a foreign context. The architecture no longer has any pretence of function but tries to presents itself as an abstracted, symbolic form. To what extent does such a space represent an idealised image and to what extent does the world around us attempt to mimic such an image of reality? 

Instalation view, the fridge gallery, Sofia / Bulgaria, 2009