look at me

collaboration with Yassu Yabara
installation, paper, spray paint, paste, July 2009, Berlin 

How much do we know about us? What significance has history and what do we learn from it? How sustainable is information and how much information has survived into the present? Look at me deals with these questions, and functions as a dynamic installation in the black cube at the Rosa Luxemburg Platz. For four weeks the cube, which is a massive construction of concrete, scaffolding, roof slats and a black truck tarpaulin, works as an Open Space Forum for any kind of performance, which deals with the Antike. It can convert into a stage, a university, a club, a film studio and it is not at least a public space. Regular seminars, performances, boxing matches and readings are taking place. Thus, the cube lifts dramatically from the next door standing very established theatre Volksb├╝hne, and creates a democratical platform, for a wide public to exchange, mark and pull away.

Look at me likes the vivid, rich spirit of the cube, which is reminiscent of an Agora. The installation wants to archive the atmosphere and to make it visible for those who popped in later. Leaning on Hans Haacke's memorial at the Rosa Luxemburg Platz, we make a similar intervention, in which we try to capture and visualze the history of the place.
Every action / performance is reduced on a quote, which is „immortalized“ on white paper stripes, which are pasted on the floor directly after the action. Thus, the area with increasing time and increasing number of events will be more and more white. The present is perhaps taken completely by history. But at the same time the memorial, due to its sensitive materiality, won´t last forever. So after a time only a faint trace of a memory will be left.