installation, bags and boxes in an empty shop, Essen 2007

A cultural diversity divides the Viehoferplatz, in the downtown of Essen into fragments: Afroshop, Italo wholesaler, unemployment bicycle repair workshop, Asia Center, tattoo studio, Heinrich Heine bookshop and much more. The impression of introverted, small worlds come up when one observe the gray urban landscape in the north of Essen from the distance. This is reviewed as soon as man penetrates into it: 

the apparent limits or boundaries are transformed into surprising openness; the initial restraint into interest.

In Schnittstelle installed walls, divide the room and pretend to threat and restrict the visitor in his physical freedom. However, the viewer realizes that the boundaries dont fulfill the criterias of any apparent border. Transparency, lightness and the shape of the high walls make them look open, fragile and even guide the spectator to walk in.
The work is shown in an empty shop at Viehoferplatz. The idea of the installation is inspired by interviews I made with the shop holders of that area, and consists exclusively material collected from the stores.